How long has the band been together?  Steppin Out has been performing with the current line up for about 14 years.

What kind of music does the band play?  We play a wide variety of music. Swing Jazz, Motown, Country, R & B, dance. We try and do a few the hits from each decade all the way to present day today’s dance music.

Does the band play dinner music?   Yes, we play light contemporary jazz & standards. An occasional “slow & quiet”  ballad with vocal
during dinner at a “background music” volume.

Is music played during the band’s breaks?  Yes, we play music music on every break. We have preprogrammed “DJ” like playlists.
You may also provide a CD, audio files or an iPod/iPad etc. with your own custom “Playlists” on our breaks.

How many people are in the band, and what is the instrumentation?  There are 6 permanent members in the band.
We have a female vocalist; drummer/ lead vocalist; a sax player; a keyboardist/vocalist; bassist/vocalist and a guitarist/vocalist.
There is an option to add additional horn section players (trumpet and trombone) if requested.

Where can we see the band play?  Since the majority of our performances are at private functions, your best bet is to call us about our upcoming schedule. We’ll be glad to let you know if there’s an up coming date in your area that would be convenient to look in on.

How much does it cost to hire the band? The price of the band depends on several things: How far we have to travel, how long the event is . . . those types of things, so it’s best to call or e-mail for a price quote.

How long does the band play?  Every event has its own unique flow, so even though we contract a specific time (usually a 45 minute set per hour), we are well aware that our main concern is to get the guests dancing, and to keep them dancing. Sometimes the sets go much longer than the specified time, but never shorter unless the purchaser requests it. We never take longer than 20 minutes between sets unless it is requested. (As mentioned earlier we play music during all breaks unless requested not to)

How much does it cost if the band performs overtime?  Divide the total fee by the number of hours the band is to perform during the engagement. (generally 4 hours) The smallest over-time is one ½ hour.

What are the band’s contract requirements/considerations?  Two signed contracts will be sent to you. You then sign and return one of the signed contracts along with the deposit.  The final payment is due 7 days prior to the event.  Dinner for the performers is usually included in the contract (occasionally other arrangements are made). Depending on the event’s location,  a “Travel Fee” maybe be applicable. Also, if the event is more than 200 miles from the Hartford area we may request hotel rooms. (depending on the performance time)

How much space does the band need?  The band’s stage area requirements vary depending on the type of event. Usually, if the event is a wedding reception, we are comfortable with a area of 12′ deep by 16′ wide. However, we do realize that some venues, especially private clubs like golf & country, or yacht clubs, are unable to provide that much area, so  we work with what they are able to provide. If the event is in a large ballroom, usually the stage is 16′ deep by 20′ or 24′ wide. * 

What are the band’s electrical requirements?  The amount of electricity varies depending on the size of room we are to perform in. Variables like sound reinforcement and lighting factor in. Generally, smaller rooms like Country Clubs we require (2) 15 amp circuits. In larger ballrooms, or outdoor events we may require an (4) 15 amp circuits *.

What does the band wear?  Typically, formal wear. Some events of course are neat/business casual for parties, outdoor festival etc.
Our “Function/Event/Wedding Information Form” has a area where the client can specify attire.

Does the band have references?   Yes … corporations, city towns & hundreds of wedding couples.

What if we don’t see a specific song that we want on your song list?   In most cases we’ll learn it. (a 1st Dance for example) In some cases because of instrumentation etc. (say the song requires 4  female vocalists etc.) the song doesn’t allow the band to perform the song faithfully. In those cases it’s best if you supply the audio file for us to play at the wedding/event (a CD, iPod or an emailed audio file will do) We request you supply the band the song selection at least 2 months prior.  Please supply the exact version of the song(s) you requested.

* A Stage Plot/ Performance Rider is available detailing all staging, sound production and other technical requirements.




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